As a leading parking lot striping contractor, Kleenco Construction specializes in high-quality line striping and pavement marking services that can turn plain asphalt pavement into a safe, inviting commercial parking lot.

Professional Parking Lot Striping & Pavement Marking Services

We understand the importance of clear, visible markings for the safety and functionality of your commercial pavement. Our pavement maintenance services enhance the appearance of your property and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Importance of Pavement Marking Services

Clean, highly visible lines and markings on commercial asphalt provide safe, orderly parking for customers, employees, and visitors. Clear lines help drivers navigate the lot, park efficiently and respect designated spaces, including handicap-accessible spots that ensure ADA compliance.

In addition to improving functionality, fresh pavement paint enhances the appearance of your property, demonstrating your commitment to maintenance and customer care. Crisp, clear lines give your parking lot a polished look, reflecting positively on your business.

Here are some signs it might be time to contact Kleenco Construction for pavement striping:

The Parking Lot Striping Process

When you decide to have your asphalt pavement striped, it’s important to understand the process and prepare accordingly:

  1. Asphalt Inspection and Repairs: Inspect the paved area for damage; repair any cracks or buckled pavement to ensure proper paint adhesion.
  2. Cleaning the Lot: Clean the parking lot of dirt, trash, and debris for better paint adhesion and longevity.
  3. Dry Conditions: Ensure the pavement is dry before painting; turn off any sprinkler systems 24 hours before the scheduled service.
  4. During Line Striping: Our team uses advanced line striping machines to apply precise, durable paint lines. We carefully mark spaces, stencils, arrows, and ADA-compliant symbols.
  5. After Your Project: The process is quick, often completed in a few hours. On a clear day, the paint can dry within an hour, allowing minimal disruption to your business.

Why Choose Kleenco for Parking Lot Striping

Kleenco Construction is dedicated to providing exceptional pavement maintenance services. With years of experience, our team ensures your parking lot is safe, functional, and visually appealing. Our professional services help maintain a well-organized, compliant, inviting commercial property that enhances the customer experience.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the region’s preferred parking lot striping contractor.

Ensure your parking lot is safe and attractive with professional line striping and pavement marking by Kleenco Construction. Contact us today!

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