At Kleenco there are not “problems” but challenges and projects that give us the opportunity to create solutions for our customers.  Here at Kleenco we will not call customers with problems, but instead we work hard to provide solutions to for both foreseen and unforeseen challenges giving you the choice on how to move forward with your project. We are a solution provider; problem solvers. We have an obligation and commitment to our customers and our company to effectively analyze conditions identifying the root cause then determining the long term solution. In turn saving you and your business money long term.

We are an extension of our customers, because of this, we become your partner on each and every project. In this partnership a relationship builds to where both the customers and the service provider are unified by a common goal and purpose. Without purpose and unified objectives, it is impossible to succeed. We know how important the future is to any company that is why we painstakingly review every project to discover the best method of repair or installation all the while keeping our customer’s objective and budgets in mind.

When you work with Kleenco Construction you can be sure that you have a team working for you that not only knows the industry inside and out, but a team that is dedicated to making sure your project is a success that will carry you and your commercial facility into the future.

Our Team is thorough, dedicated, and knowledgeable. This sets us apart from the other contractors. This is the Kleenco difference.

At Kleenco Construction our dedication and knowledge of the industry is what sets us apart. With over 25 years of experience we have what it takes to make sure your project is completed efficiently and cost effectively.

To guarantee the success of each project we analyze the conditions of your specific requests and location to guarantee the effectiveness of the project. In doing this we are establishing long term solutions for your commercial facility. We also perform risk and liability assessments for each and every project to determine the most effective method for completing the project before we even arrive on site.

Our services are specific and specialized to focus on existing operating retail and industrial environment which require the following:

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